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Over a Decade of Volunteering

10 years ago I joined Muslim Aid as an enthusiastic volunteer motivated to do good and encouraged by the words of the holy Quran ‘’And whoever does good voluntarily; then surely Allah is grateful and knowing’’ Surah Al-Baqarah 158.

I chose Muslim Aid as I wanted to contribute to their vision of alleviating poverty, education for all and provision of basic amenities for those in need; in order to create a world charity and compassion produce justice, self-reliance and human development.

Over the years I have been involved in some incredible initiatives such as feeding the homeless, partaking in Marathons and raising thousands of pounds for emergency disasters. Volunteering for Muslim Aid has also been a great way to meet new people and build long lasting friendships. My experience has also allowed me the opportunity to get to know people from different background and ethnicity which I otherwise would not have been able to do.

Each and every experience of volunteering with Muslim Aid will truly create a chance for you to be closer to Almighty Allah swt, and add meaningful purpose in your life and a sense of gratitude. I genuinely believe volunteer work with right intention; will open doors of opportunity for each and every one of us. It does not matter how many hours or days you work as a volunteer as only a small effort could change someone’s life and take them out of poverty.

How have I been able to volunteer for so long?

I am often asked how I have been able to maintain a long standing relationship with one charity. To be honest I have found the staff to be fantastic over the years as well as reminding myself to prioritise time for this act of a good deed. Most of the time we think; I’ll help out when I am older or when I have free time. Unfortunately, this free time never comes in our life because we focus on different aspects of our personal life and unintentionally neglecting the duty we have to humanity.
Yes, we have responsibility; but same time we should think about our life after this world as a believer which has a really importance to a Muslim. And this volunteer work for humanity which is only for sake of Almighty Allah; Inshallah it will help us in this world’s life and hear after.

I was awarded Volunteer of the Year!

Every time I would support Muslim Aid I did so to try and please my Creator. I was however overwhelmed and taken back to be recognised for my contributions over the years. The volunteer of the year award would not have been possible if I did not have the support of the many members of Muslim Aid staff who provided guidance and coaching for me to become the best volunteer I could be.

What did Muslim Aid staff have to say?

Fahad or MFA as he is more fondly referred to by staff has been an exceptional pillar of the community over the last decade by engaging in various activities, assisting during unsocial hours and being a mentor to the next generation of volunteers who wish to support Muslim Aid. MFA exemplifies all the characteristics of a leader and we could not be prouder as an organisation to have him champion our cause and projects. For everything you have done and will continue to do. Thank You! – Yusuf Kalam Fundraising Manager

Why you should get involved

I would say; if you have a talent and you want to do something meaningful in your life with right intention then you must join the Muslim Aid team.  This is an opportunity to explore your hidden talents, unlock your potential and work with staff who will bring the best out of you in a friendly and welcoming environment. To me volunteering is not only to help others; it brings peace in my heart. There is nothing like the satisfaction you feel when your efforts contributed to someone smiling, going to school, studying etc. This is truly priceless.

Let us join with Team Muslim Aid and be the change we often want to see in the world. 

Written by MFA Zaman – Muslim Aid Volunteer 

We are a faith-based British international charity that provides help to people who are victims of natural disasters or conflict or suffering from poverty, hunger, disease, homelessness, injustice, deprivation or lack of skills and economic opportunities.

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