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Suhoor, Iftar and Fasting

The month of Ramadan is all about fasting and following Allah (SWT)’s commands. There are countless opportunities to take advantage of during this month and Muslims seek repentance for past sins as well as becoming more pious.

Suhoor and Iftar are two elements of Ramadan that have great significance to Muslims.


The Suhoor is a vital part of fasting. Muslims eat a healthy meal in Suhoor in order to remain in good health for the rest of the day during the fast. The right way to eat a meal during Suhoor is to eat in moderation. Many people skip Suhoor however, this is not favoured by Allah (SWT) because those who skip Suhoor find it difficult to complete their fast and end up breaking it. Suhoor is the right time to consume a meal and fill yourself adequately so that you can fast throughout the day.


Performing Iftar is an act that brings blessings for Muslims. Some people make arrangements for Iftar for others such as in a mosque. This is a great act of kindness and one that is greatly favoured by Allah (SWT). It is said that Allah (SWT) will open the gates of forgiveness for those who help fast observers in acquiring adequate Iftar to break their fast at this time. The one who gives a fast observer water to drink at the time of Iftar will be given a drink from Allah’s fountain where they will never again feel thirsty.

Ramadan teaches us a great number of things; patience, piety and discipline are just a few to name. Muslims should strive to take advantage of the opportunity Ramadan brings. This Ramadan, Muslims all around the world will be fasting, performing Aitekaaf and Taravihs and giving Zakat. Everyone will be keen on obtaining the blessings of the night of Lailat-ul-Qadr, the Night of Power.


One of the benefits of fasting is that it is an opportunity for you to renew your identity with the Ummah. Contrary to what many people think, Ramadan is not an individual experience but is about the community. The best thing about fasting is that the Muslims fast together, allowing us to identify with one another in our obedience to Allah (SWT). This strengthens us as Muslims.

As we welcome Ramadan, let’s keep the entire Muslim Ummah in our thoughts. There are many individuals in some parts of the world who will be fasting under the open skies with little personal belongings; like the people of Syria, for example who rely on Aid for Syria. So, be sure to donate generously to their cause as you make your fast.

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