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There is Always Time Pay Your Zakat

Islam offers a great deal of flexibility to its practitioners, particularly when it comes to important religious tasks. Muslims can make up for missed prayers. They can also make up for missed fasts. If they can’t perform Hajj but their intention is true, Allah (SWT) may reward them for that sacred pilgrimage just because their intention was pure of heart. The idea is to encourage Muslims to follow in the commandments of Allah (SWT); to ensure that they perform their prayers; that they hold their fast. Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam, and it also comes with a certain amount of flexibility. Zakat and Prayer are mentioned side by side on multiple occasions in the Holy Quran. As the Quran says.

“And establish regular prayer, and establish regular Charity”

Islam preaches that all people are created equal and urges Muslims to always lookout for each other. It refrains from the establishment of inequalities in society. Paying Zakat brings about a sense of equilibrium. It is compulsory act, which all able Muslims must pay every year. However, if one is unable to do so and wants to make up for it, they are entitled to which is something that benefits all those who want to meet Nisab values. 

Today, Nisab is calculated as equivalent to 4.25 grams of Gold. So whatever the value of gold is in today’s market, take 4.25 grams worth of it and that’s the Nisab amount. Anyone possessing savings exceeding this number is liable to pay Zakat; 2.5% of all net yearly savings to be exact. Once that percentage is met, then it is compulsory to pay Zakat from that day on. No one should think of giving Zakat as a loss of wealth; instead, it should be treated as the purification of wealth which will bring abundance and more, granted by Allah. The paying of Zakat also contributes to purifying our souls from the evils of selfishness and greed.

Zakat can be paid at any time of the year. The only thing to make certain is that it reflects one lunar years’ worth of net savings and nothing less. It is necessary that the due share of Zakat is accumulated over the period of one lunar year and ideally should be paid in full in the same year.

Those who are unaware of the depth and importance of paying Zakat should understand that Zakat is primarily a way of purifying your wealth. It will lead to an increase in wealth, better health and many blessings from Allah (SWT). Helping other Muslim brothers and sisters is the duty of every Muslim. All those who are able must ensure that they do their part for the betterment of the Muslim Ummah. If you have any pending Zakat, simply calculate it and pay it. If you owe many years’ worth of Zakat, simply add in the numbers and contribute. It’s never too late to pay Zakat. If you haven’t contributed your due share of Zakat then this Ramadan wipe the slate clean and make yourself current on this score. Donate Zakat this Ramadan.

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