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Why Education is so Important for Refugee Children

Children always have it worst when it comes disasters, be it natural or man-made. Take the four year long Syria Crisis, for example. According to UNICEF USA, almost six and a half million Syrian children have been affected by the conflict that has left scores of people dead, and many more displaced from their homes. Almost three million people are no longer in school, and one million are living as refugees in neighboring countries. It’s statistics like these that prompted Muslim Aid to conduct a massive relief aid campaign in the region. Our child sponsorship program has been able to provide shelter for these children with clothes to keep them warm, and books to keep them hopeful.

Hope is a very strong human emotion that ultimately leads people to do great things. In such dreadful times, it must be ensured that these children do not lose hope of a better tomorrow, and the best way to do that is through education. In today’s post, we will highlight why it is so important that these children should be given sufficient opportunities to learn and get an education. We will also talk about why this is the best form of aid for them.

Education is the Key to Being Truly Independent

A book is the key to being truly free and independent. An education will provide children with the tools they need to succeed in life. It will also teach them good values that they can not only adopt, but also preach to others when they get on their feet. Uneducated children have no skill set. They end up living the refugee life forever. Books provide them with an alternate solution to do something with their life and make themselves matter.

Don’t Become Part of the Statistic

We mentioned earlier how almost three million children have no access to schools. These innocent lives are at risk of being lost forever if they are not given proper care. An educated mind looks for a solution and makes one. An uneducated mind will only take what is offered and accept it. Children who don’t get educated or trained with tradecraft, mainly stay refugee for the rest of their life; therefore becoming nothing more than a statistic. An education will ensure that doesn’t happen. In fact, it can have a positive impact and curb it down.

Opportunity to Become Leaders of their Community

So many children who received child sponsorship have gone on to become leaders in their communities. They have witnessed the brutalities of war, hunger, and poverty first hand; yet they emerged successfully. They have shared their story with others and helped them do the same. These children will flourish to become successful men and women who in turn will do their part in promoting  good education and healthy living.

Child sponsorship goes farther than any aid packet. A food ration will enable a child to see tomorrow. An education, on the other hand,  will pave the way for the next ten years. Make a donation to Muslim Aid’s relief aid campaign today!

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