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Feed The World In Ramadan

Over the last few Ramadans, thousands of British Muslims came together and did something amazing. Your generosity helped feed thousands of families.

Millions of people across the globe continue to live in abject poverty, many of whom cannot look forward to a meal at the end of each day.

Your incredible generosity has meant that so many of you have given to our Feed the Fasting Programme. We have been able to provide sustainable, nutritious food packs to families in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalia and many more.

Provide Suhoor And Iftar To The Hungry

In the western world, most of us are able to break our days fast via Suhoor and Iftar; however, many people in the developing world don’t have this luxury. What’s more, they don’t just find themselves fasting during Ramadan, as food and water are sparse all year round. By donating to the Feed the Fasting Programme, you can help ensure that someone is fed at least twice a day.

Not only will this nourishment help them from a health perspective, but they’ll also be able to strengthen their relationship with Allah (SWT) and the wider Muslim community by partaking in the global fast. Everyone deserves nourishment and wellness during Ramadan and the rest of the year.

Feed The Fasting This Ramadan

Your generous Ramadan donations have saved lives across the globe for years on end, and this year can be no exception. 2022 was one of the hardest years yet, and you can use your 2023 Ramadan donations to aid suffering individuals.

In 2022, we emerged from a global pandemic; however, we didn’t find ourselves in security and comfort. Instead, the world is experiencing a cost-of-living crisis in which more people are struggling to make ends meet than ever before.

Moreover, worsening climate change resulted in devastating natural disasters, such as the Bangladesh and Pakistan floods and the Afghanistan earthquakes. As a result, the people in the communities we work with are still struggling to recover from this destruction and remain homeless, hungry, and thirsty.

All in all, 2022 was far from easy, and we hope that you’ll be generous with your 2023 Ramadan donations in aid of an easier year.

Your donations really are making a difference across the world. Thank you for your generous gift – what an amazing achievement. Let’s continue this triumph in Ramadan 2023 - donate today.

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