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Aleppo: Immediate evacuation needed for at least 500 people requiring urgent medical attention

At least 500 people requiring urgent medical attention must be evacuated from eastern Aleppo immediately said a partner of Muslim Aid today, from inside Aleppo itself.

Among those currently trapped include at least 12 people requiring intensive care treatment, new born babies in need of incubation and people requiring emergency surgery and kidney dialysis.

Jehangir Malik, CEO of Muslim Aid said: “Too many people have died already in this unrelenting war. It is a matter of life and death that this evacuation takes place immediately.”

Muslim Aid is supporting a hospital close to the Turkey/Syria border, providing medical equipment and costs for 127 staff members, including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, technicians, porters and cleaners. 

“These committed staff members know that there are so many people who urgently need their help and if they aren’t evacuated soon, many of them will die. These long delays could lead to huge medical complications that could have been avoided. That is very hard for medical professionals to bear,” added Jehangir.

“The staff inside the hospital are all now on standby ready to provide emergency treatment once the evacuation takes place.”

Muslim Aid’s partner organisation currently has 200 staff members trapped inside Aleppo, including doctors, teachers, project managers and others.

A spokesperson for the partner spoke to a staff member inside Aleppo yesterday who said: “We are waiting for our fate. I am ready to die but then I look at a photo of my son and I want to cry.” He said: “What can I do? I feel so helpless.”

Muslim Aid is supporting the partner to run five primary schools in Syria (three in Aleppo) and two in Idlib. The three schools in Aleppo have stopped functioning and all the children are displaced.

“Our partner is urgently trying to re-establish contact with the teachers in order to know what has happened to the children. Once we know where they are we will do everything we can to help them,” explained Jehangir.

Muslim Aid and the local partner have been distributing food parcels in Aleppo but this was suspended last week.

“The situation in Syria is one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time; it is nothing less than barbaric,” concluded Jehangir. “The relevant authorities must urgently facilitate a safe exit for all civilians and humanitarian workers out of the besieged area to the destinations of their choice without being the subject of detention, interrogation or persecution.

“The warring parties are ultimately to blame but the international community must stop wringing its hands and do what it can to ensure that we don’t have another Srebrenica or Rwanda on our hands.”

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