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Health Secretary’s remarks on obesity can help end food poverty: says Muslim Aid.

British Charity Muslim Aid today welcomed remarks by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley about eating less to cut down the health bill on obesity. It said that instead of simply reducing food intake, the public should also be encouraged to share their food savings with the homeless and other vulnerable households who are finding it hard in these times to make ends meet.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: "Secretary Andrew Lansley has got it spot on when he points to a culture of eat more, waste more. What we need instead is the right kind of food in the right quantity to stay healthy and contented. However, in these challenging times when unemployment is increasing and many households are finding it hard to manage their food budgets, it will be wonderful if the public shared their surplus with the poor and vulnerable to bring food on their table."

"Muslim Aid is considering a proposal to set up food banks to ship surplus food donations to countries like Somalia in times of need. These food banks, if patronised by the big supermarkets can also provide food to the homeless and less affluent people in the UK to end food poverty here," added the spokesperson.

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