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Pakistan, One Year On

A year on from the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history, millions of people continue to need support to rebuild their lives. Homes, livelihoods and infrastructure were destroyed, killing over 2000 people and affecting 20 million people.

Following emergency relief distribution in the immediate aftermath of the flooding, Muslim Aid began to implement a Flood Recovery Programme, including model village reconstruction projects currently underway in Charsadda, Mianwalli, Jampur, Thatta and Dadu districts, in the KPK, Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan.

Launched in January 2011, the projects focus on building clusters of high quality housing and aim to bring back normality to families who have lost everything. They also aim to provide healthcare and water and sanitation facilities, as well as education and livelihood support. The model village concept was developed after Muslim Aid’s extensive disaster and reconstruction experience, working closely with governments and local groups to ensure any reconstruction work is sustainable and meets the genuine requirements of the local communities. 

Muslim Aid has entered into partnerships with institutions who have picked up segments of the model village development in health, education and shelter. Muslim Aid has also entered into partnership with Balham and Tooting Mosque which has committed its entire Zakat and sadaqah collection for the construction of 50 houses, a healthcare centre and a school in Nisar Khoso village in Thatta, Sindh. Muslim Aid has also gratefully accepted a donation from a primary school in south west London, for the reconstruction of a primary school in Dadu, Pakistan. These two examples suggest a way forward as to how donations from the UK can be smartly applied to bigger projects for the reconstruction of villages in the flood affected areas.

There is a lot more to do to complete the rehabilitation work in Pakistan. Muslim Aid urges Pakistan’s development partners and other donor institutions to fulfil their commitments made at the various pledging conferences organised by the UN and other donor agencies. Muslim Aid also urges individual donors, corporate bodies and institutions within the UK and the EU to support the Charity’s programmes aimed at supplementing the government effort to meet the targets.

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