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Supporting children for a better future

Millions of children around the world are living in poverty and denied the most basic necessities required for their development. On Universal Children’s Day on 20 November 2011, Muslim Aid expressed solidarity with the UN agencies and other humanitarian organisations and NGOs that support and promote welfare of children.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “Children today face the challenge of growing up in a highly competitive world beset by recurring diseases, disasters, conflicts, rising food prices and lack of access to quality education. It is the collective responsibility of society to give them a secure future and provide early support for their development. Muslim Aid is committed to the welfare of children ensuring that they receive education, healthcare and family support, especially in developing countries. We seek to empower children and place a great emphasis on their development, to enable them to have a safe and bright future.”

“On this Day, Muslim Aid calls upon all countries and institutions to uphold and implement the noble ideals proclaimed in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1989”, added the spokesperson.

This year, Muslim Aid is leading one of the biggest measles and polio campaigns in Mogadishu, Somalia to vaccinate 740,000 children. In Bosnia, Muslim Aid’s Molly the Mobile Library supplements  the educational needs of children in remote areas by taking books to their schools. Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family Child Sponsorship Programme supports orphans and destitute children in 17 countries worldwide through the provision of education, healthcare, food and clothing which is vital to the further development of children.

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