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Winter In The UK

This winter, here in the UK we want to serve 36,000 meals in 36 locations to help those struggling in poverty right here in our country. That’s 36,000 Meals, 36 locations, 36 years of Muslim Aid! Please donate now.

36,000 Meals, 36 locations, 36 years of Muslim Aid!

This winter thousands of families across the UK will experience hunger due to the impact Coronavirus has had on their livelihood. Black And Minority Ethic (BAME) communities are more likely than others to lose their income, fall behind on bills and/or have to apply for Universal Credit. Muslim Aid is working with local partners, schools, and foodbanks to provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society.

Muslim Aid has committed to providing 36,000 meals in December alone which equates to about 16 tonnes of food Alhumdillah! To mark 36 years of Muslim Aid, we will be distributing in 36 different locations.


Food Rescue is the process of recovering and redirecting good surplus food, and really giving it a new life so that it can fulfil its intended purpose: to be eaten. Food rescue is not about giving people food that is spoiled - it’s about giving people good, nutritious food that would otherwise be thrown out.

Redistribution of meals:

The meals are incredibly balanced and varied, including a high proportion of fresh fruit, vegetables as well as baked goods, salads, meat and fish. The food delivered to partners, schools and holiday programmes is turned into meals by the organisation in receipt of that food to ensure it is suitable for the beneficiaries (i.e. children, refugees, elderly)

Help us provide as many meals to vulnerable children and families during winter.

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£5 can help provide a meal for a person

£10 can help provide a meal for a couple

£25 can help provide a meal for a family

*Muslim Aid utilises the WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Planning) definition of a meal which is 420g of food.

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