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I joined the Muslim aid volunteer group in Luton just more than two years ago and I’m so grateful to be a part of such a diverse selfless team. Being involved with such an amazing charity opened my eyes to the realities of our ummahs struggles and has made me want to do as much as I can to help those around the world. It’s important that a charity is authentic, and MA have made sure to deliver aid first-hand on the ground to those abroad, raising funds through engaging and interesting events and bucket collections to raise awareness too! Volunteering with MA has also helped me and other volunteers in so many different ways, and I’ve made lots new friends through networking here too!

Our Volunteer - Juliha 

I’ve been volunteering with Muslim Aid for just under a year now. I’ve met so many incredible people and built so many lifelong friendships with other members. Volunteering with Muslim Aid has helped me grow in confidence and self-esteem in managing a team. I’ve gained so many new skills and I’ve learnt so much about myself. Muslim Aid strives to help everyone regardless of their faith, gender and age, from the UK to all around the world. It’s been incredible being a part of this organisation!

Our Volunteer - Zayneb

Meet our Volunteers

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