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Qurbani Case Studies

Qurbani Case Studies

  • Saida Udtong, Philippines

    Saida Udtong, Philippines

    Thirteen-year-old Saida comes from a large family of eight. Her father, a farm worker and market labourer, barely earns enough to support the family, and cannot afford the fees to send Saida…

  • Halima, Kenya

    Halima, Kenya

    For the past four years Halima Abdi has been living at the Dagahley camp, Kenya. She fled the war in Somalia to escape the violence and find sanctuary. She has no livelihood and is struggling…

  • Sadia, Afghanistan

    Sadia, Afghanistan

    A Grade one student at the Maidan Shahr Orphanage, Sadia heard about Muslim Aid's Qurbani meat distribution through her school. Having lost her father at a young age, Sadia's mother is…

  • Majeda, Bangladesh

    Majeda, Bangladesh

    Since 1991, Muslim Aid has been carrying out Qurbani for poor and vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. In 2014, over 45,217 people received fresh Qurbani meat, including widow, Majeda Begum…

  • Siti, Indonesia

    Siti, Indonesia

    Due to the high prices, eating meat in Siti's house is a rare occasion. Muslim Aid's Qurbani programme meant that Siti was able to provide her children with wholesome food during Eid ul Adha…

  • Aminata, Sierra Leone

    Aminata, Sierra Leone

    Ebola is one of the worst deadly viruses in modern history. The disease claimed over 800 deaths in Sierra Leone and also affected 2,000 in May 2014. Muslim Aid managed to reach over 600…