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In addition to fasting and giving charity, Ramadan is the month of Ibadah or worship which means complete submission to the will of Allah. In Islam, the concept of Ibadah is a very wide concept which encompasses more than carrying out ritual acts of praying, fasting, giving Zakat and performing pilgrimage. Any word said or act executed with the intention to seek Allah’s pleasure is considered Ibadah in Islam. For Muslims, Ibadah is very much a part of life and can be incorporated into normal day-to-day activities if they are performed in harmony with the commands of Allah.

Any kind of social courtesy or interaction, community service, seeking knowledge, showing kindness and performing deeds of righteous for the sake of Allah are all forms of Ibadah. Therefore, Ibadah has both spiritual and worldly aspects. While Muslim in Ramadan concentrate on observing ritual acts of prayer and fasting for spiritual bliss, they also reflect on doing good social deeds to please Allah (SWT). The intention and act of offering social services for the sake of Allah (SWT) is also Ibadah and one of the main sources for self satisfaction and eternal happiness.

There are many ways in which the worldly aspect of Ibadah can be achieved. One of the ways is to be compassionate towards those who are suffering from the political, social and economical upheaval especially in the Muslim countries. These are the people who have been enchained against their will with poverty, hunger and diseases. They have been deprived of many basic human rights like food, shelter, security, healthcare and education. Many of these destitute are living as refugees and internally displaced persons unsure of their present and future security. Is it possible to support them in order to give them freedom from their misery, chronic hunger, and persistent diseases and assure a positive prospective?

Many Muslims in Britain are blessed with monetary benefits and Allah SWT says in Surah 70 verse 24 that poor and needy have a right in the wealth of rich people. Financial assistance from Brothers and Sisters in Britain can provide humanitarian relief for many people constantly battling against poverty and disease in many developing countries. Little financial support can help many vulnerable and disadvantaged people achieve freedom from poverty and a life of deprivation.  This act of giving freedom is a gesture of kindness and compassion which is also one of the forms of Ibadah. And this act of Ibadah can be one possible way to mitigate the scourge of poverty, hunger and diseases faced by poor, oppressed, war victims, refugees and IDPs.

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