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Changing Lives

Many opportunities exist today for individuals who want to get involved in charity work and provide Relief Aid that could make a difference to other people’s lives. Rarely however, do certain opportunities exist which offer something beyond making a difference. They involve changing entire lives, usually of people who have previously done wrong and have now lost all hope of regaining a sense of normality and balance in their lives. These people yearn to get back on the right path but feel powerless to do it alone. Helping them through this tough phase and seeing them overcome the obstacles to achieve true freedom is a far more rewarding experience both mentally and spiritually.  


Muslim Aid’s Prisoner Rehabilitation Project is one particular programme that is specifically aimed at guiding lost souls towards the right path. Working under the guidelines of the UK Development Programme, the key objectives of the project are to provide prisoners with the confidence and tools they need in order to make an honest living in the world and stay away from criminal activities.


A prison is certainly no place to be, neither a place anyone should get used to. Muslim Aid’s Prisoner Rehabilitation Project is truly unique in the sense that it does not focus on the circumstances that landed the prisoner in prison, but rather on the prospect of them living a peaceful and crime free life once they are released. Visit our website today and see just how easy it is to change a life today!


Since 1997, the growth of Muslim prisoners nationwide has increased by an alarming 171%. This is where Muslim Aid’s Prisoner Rehabilitation Project comes in. The programme pairs a mentor from Muslim Aid with a mentee, a prisoner. Thetheory is to talk about post-prison life and attract prisoners to the endless opportunities that await them outside their prison cell. According to recent studies, one in three people are likely to re-offend within 48 hours of being released.

Ex-convicts are extremely vulnerable in the sense that they can be easily dragged into the same life of crime that had got them behind bars to begin with. This act is further influenced by the view that their criminal record will not get them anywhere in terms of finding employment, a place to live or even in making new friends. They truly feel isolated with no one to talk to, leading them to the wrong people; the same kind of people that would eventually land them back in the same prison cell.


Our prison mentors are trained professionals who have practical experience in the field of mentoring. Their goal is to offer moral support and invaluable guidance, enabling prisoners to find some harmony in their lives following their release. They are keen to help others and not let prisoners form part of a rapidly growing statistic. These are precious human lives, and they need to be dealt with carefully and with patience.


Whilst most relief aid work revolves around making a difference to lives, the Prisoner Rehabilitation Project is diverse in the sense that it is aimed towards changing lives, to enable these people to make a difference. Witnessing this transformation is extremely rewarding, both mentally and spiritually. Get involved today with relief aid campaign or volunteer in programmes like this one. See what it feels like to change people’s lives!

Changing Lives

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