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Everything You Never Thought to Ask About Qurbani

Qurbani is a fundamental religious obligation which all able Muslims must complete each year. As a result, it is essential to fully understand it. Qurbani comes with rules and requirements, all of which can be found within our Qurbani rules page. However, there are still some questions which are less commonly asked but remain important to completing Qurbani correctly and showing your dedication to Allah (SWT).

Can Qurbani Be Performed Before Eid Prayers?

The Qurbani sacrifice must be performed after Eid prayers on the tenth, eleventh or twelfth days of Dhul Hijjah. The earlier the sacrifice is made during this period, the better, which is why the Muslim Aid team ensure that sacrifices always take place on Eid. However, if it is more convenient, you can make your Qurbani donation prior to Eid and we will make the sacrifice in line with Allah’s (SWT) requirements once the time comes.

What Animals are Eligible for Qurbani?

The rules around animal eligibility are detailed and only specific livestock animals may be sacrificed for Qurbani. Of these animals, minimum age limits are required to ensure eligibility. These age limits are detailed below:

  • Goats – at least one year of age
  • Cows, bulls and buffalo – at least two years of age
  • Camels – at least five years of age
  • Sheep – at least one year of age, though sheep aged 6-12 months may also be sacrificed if they are healthy and large enough to seem at least one year old

What Condition Do Animals Need to Be in for Qurbani Donations?

Besides the age limitations on the animals, other Qurbani meat distribution rules also impact eligibility and selection:

  • Animals should be nurtured and looked after prior to their sacrifice
  • Castrated animals are preferred for Qurbani sacrifice, though this is not a necessity

Qurbani animals must not:

  • Be blind or missing at least one-third of their vision
  • Have a horn broken off from the root
  • Be unnaturally thin, unhealthy or lean
  • Be so weak as to be unable to walk to the place of slaughter
  • Be missing the majority of their teeth
  • Be missing over a third of their tail or ear, regardless of whether it was lost from birth or through life

At Muslim Aid, we ensure that all Qurbani animals are in line with the correct practices, ensuring the act of giving is worth the blessings that Allah (SWT) provides.

Qurbani is not far away and with it comes the opportunity to support the Ummah around the globe, helping those less fortunate than ourselves and assisting them on their journey to a better life. Help us provide the struggling members of the Ummah with food and support by making your Qurbani donation with Muslim Aid.

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