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International Youth Day

Today is International Youth Day

As we celebrate International Youth Day, Muslim Aid are proud to have so many young people involved in our charitable activities. The youth are the future generation of this world, they are the change makers and leaders. We strive to support our youth, helping them make a difference, improve lives and steadily preparing them to be ambassadors for Muslim Aid and for the community.

In the last 12 months, we have had over 300 UK volunteers aged between 16-24 supporting Muslim Aid and the work we do. This work includes supporting foodbanks, assisting key workers fighting COVID-19 and raising thousands of pounds for our humanitarian projects.

Muslim Aid continue to be inspired by our young and energetic volunteers. From bucket shaking to holding events to online fundraising, in all climates, whether it be it in the scorching heat or the cold winter, they are always responding to the need of others.

How do Muslim Aid support the youth?

As thousands of students prepare to receive their A-Level results on Thursday 13th August, we understand the level of anxiety and stress they are going through. We, therefore, have a qualified teacher on hand to support those volunteers who do not receive their anticipated grade and need extra support with the clearing process.

In addition to this, we provide annual CV workshop sessions so our volunteers are prepared to enter the working world through coaching and advice from seasoned HR experts.

Many of our youth volunteer with Muslim Aid to help others but also to make friends, learn new skills and improve their wellbeing. Our experienced staff are on hand to ensure there is a culture of learning, trust and respect between volunteers so they have the very best experience with a faith-based charity.

Do we work with youth based organisations?

The answer is yes!

Last year, we partnered with Yaseen Youth which aims to create future leaders, visionaries, mentors and peace builders of society through holistic development, training and advocacy. In November 2019, they participated in our biggest night trek with over 200 young participants from schools, colleges and universities across the UK, raising vital funds for our Gaza water project and child sponsorship programme.

The youth of tomorrow…

“I started my career in the charity sector as a volunteer when I was a student and then got employed as a fundraising assistant. The work I have seen has motivated me and kept me grounded, which is why I decided to take up a career in the charity sector. Since then, I have never looked back. I have networked with key high-profile individuals as well as community leaders and most importantly, the youth. I have connected with them so easily and now they are slowly preparing themselves to enter the charity sector.” - Ahmed Choudhury, Fundraising & Volunteers Officer

Written by Ahmed Choudhury – Fundraising & Volunteers Officer

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