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Muslim Aid Offers Free Range UK Qurbani

This year, Muslim Aid is delighted to be able to offer quality, free-range Qurbani here in the UK, sourced from British farmers and delivered straight to your door. This Qurbani option will be carried out in partnership with a British farm that promotes ethical, compassionate, and natural rearing of livestock for halal slaughter.

With this option, you can fulfil the rite of Qurbani and also be sure that the meat you enjoy, and share is both halal (lawful) and tayyib (wholesome/good). This is in fact something that Allah (SWT) commands in the Holy Qur’an, where He says:

“Oh, you people, eat from the earth what is halal (lawful) and tayyib (good/wholesome) and follow not the footsteps of the Shaytan” (Qur’an 2:168)

What is Qurbani Meat?

Qurbani meat refers to an animal that has been sacrificed during the days of Qurbani. Traditional Qurbani meat distribution rules state that this meat should be split into equal thirds. These Qurbani rules stem from the fact that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah (SWT) and no one deserves to go hungry. Therefore, one share is kept by the donor, one is given to the donor’s family/friends, and the final share is given to the needy.

Why Do We Have to Give Qurbani?

Caring for animals and treating them with respect is something that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught, and this is perhaps even more important when rearing them for consumption.  Much of what we eat today is often the product of intensive and unnatural farming methods. Thus, Muslim Aid is honoured to be able to offer this option for Qurbani, allowing you to have quality, free-range meat from animals that have been cared for and nurtured on small-scale UK farms.

In accordance with religious guidelines, a third of the meat will be distributed to those in need around the UK, particularly those facing financial difficulty, single-parent families, and the homeless. The remaining two-thirds will be couriered in a temperature-controlled van to your home within two to seven working days from the day of Eid.

How to Give Qurbani in the UK

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to share quality, naturally reared Qurbani meat with your family and friends this Eid-ul-Adha. To order your UK Qurbani, click here or call 0207 377 4200 today.

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