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Case Study 1


Six year old Urooj from Islamabad, Pakistan was orphaned in 2012. Her disabled mother and five siblings were left with no income to support themselves.  Urooj’s mother now relies on the elderly grandmother to feed and clothe her children.

Since the earthquake in 2005 destroyed their home, the family has been living in temporary shelter. The already poor living conditions have been worsened by recent floods.  

All members of her family have polio, except Urooj. She requires regular medical check-ups and medication to prevent her from contracting the fatal disease. Much of the grandmother’s income is spent on covering the medical expenses, with little to pay for Urooj’s schooling.  Before joining the Rainbow Family Programme, her family was very worried about her education.

It has now been two years since Urooj started receiving sponsorship. The money helps her with her schooling, clothes and medicine. She is in kindergarten and attends school without any problems. Urooj is very optimistic about the future: “I like that Muslim Aid helps me. I work hard in school and want to help people (social worker) when I grow up.”

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Case Study 2

Hamza Rehmatullah

Death of her husband, Hamza Rehmatullah’s mother could not afford to support her son and 2 daughters, the eldest of whom suffers from tuberculosis.  As a result Hamza was unable to attend school and the quality of life for his whole family was very low.

Thankfully Muslim Aid were able to provide Hamza financial support in April 2010 when his sponsorship started.  He now attends school and is currently learning the Holy Quran by heart.  The programme has given hope for the entire family, providing not only an education, but also healthcare, clothing and nourishing food.  Hamza’s mother said “the programme is like an angel for my family, and Allah sent it for my help.” The impact has been great, and Hamza has a future he can be proud of.

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