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Following the untimely death of her husband, Fareena was left all alone with the daunting prospect of providing for herself and her three children. As a single mother of three, she had no income and had to resort to selling old jewellery for money. But that never weakened her resolve.

Muslim Aid has specific programmes that are especially designed to help people who have been struck by hardship and need a little help in making ends meet. Fareena was one of the many people who took advantage of our programmes.

Determined to move forward, she started a small business selling basic food items and other every day necessities, such as eggs from the few chickens she owned. In order to run the business more efficiently, she needed more cash. It is then when she took up a microfinance loan from Muslim Aid. She opened a small grocery shop with it and expanded into other areas of business thereby increasing her income. These multiple income sources resulted in Fareena's livelihood flourishing as well as that of her three children. It allowed her to give her children the support they deserved.

Muslim Aid has helped thousands more people just like Fareena in getting back on their feet. For the first time in her life, Fareena looks towards the future with renewed hope and vigour.

“I am extremely grateful for that loan because it changed my life.” Fareena says. “Now I can look after my children and am able take care of their needs; give them the education and schooling they need to lead a better life than I had.”

For more information on Micro Finance, contact Muslim Aid on 0207 377 4200.

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