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What are Core Funds? 

These are all the important indirect costs that are necessary for us in order to deliver the work that we do, and people often do not wish to pay for such as:   

  • Management and admin salaries 
  • General Office costs 
  • Accountancy/audit costs 
  • Fundraising costs 
  • Compliance cost 
  • Safeguarding costs 
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Our approach 

Long-term and innovative solutions to the world’s poverty crisis have long been our primary focus. 

We understand that to have more impact in saving and improving people’s lives, we need to look towards new ways of working. 

Why is it Important to Raise Core Funds? 

Implications of No Core Funds Plan: 

  • Spend from reserves 
  • Unable to make long term plans 
  • Rely on government handouts (Gift Aid) 
  • Scale/delay/ cancel plans due insufficient funds 
  • Unable to do our work more effectively in country  
  • Unable to attract better talent to make our money go further 
  • Downsize/close 

Benefits of Core Funds: 

  • Flexibility to choose where to use our funds 
  • Longer term investment 
  • Gives time to stop firefighting  
  • Freedom to work in the way we need to in order to support long term projects 
  • Ensure we are available and able to meet the needs of the communities 
  • Develop staff and programmes to grow the organisation  
  • Sustain our work 

Support our core funds campaign, so we can continue serving humanity. 

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