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Conquer Mount Snowdon


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Join Muslim aid and let’s conquer the highest mountain in wales together and help save lives!

With over 68 million people currently displaced from their homes due to war or natural disaster, a huge proportion of the world’s population struggles to survive in the direst of conditions.

Give to those in need

Our Need is Greatest appeal is just that: we find, reach out and serve the people who are suffering the most.

From remote communities to widows reeling with grief, abandoned and orphaned children, and the vulnerable or frail elderly, we deliver global aid to combat the effects of poverty, drought, disaster, and conflict.

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Adil Choudhury
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Need is Greatest

Serving others is a proof of our belief. When it comes to crisis situations, serving victims in a timely and...

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3rd July 2021 4th July 2021


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