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Join Muslim aid on this exciting marathon held annually in November. It crosses from Asia to Europe over the First Bosphorus Bridge and continues through the streets of the European part of Istanbul.

The Istanbul Marathon is organised in a city that offers a perfect mix of culture, history and great, sunny weather for runners willing to escape the winter.

Course Highlights

The marathon starts on the Asian side of the city, just before the first Bosphorus Bridge, the bridge gives you an outstanding view of the Bosphorus and Istanbul, passing many historic sites including the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, and finishing in the İnönü Stadium in the European part.

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Water For All: A Basic Human right

Across the world, 2.1 billion are still unable to access safe drinking water. For those living in poverty or in developing countries, poor sanitation facilities and lack of access to safe drinking water continue to be a major threat to life and livelihood. Everyone has the right to water; everyone has the right to life.

Our water programme is global, working across multiple countries and delivering water solutions to people in the greatest of need. From the conflict zones of Gaza where basic services have been destroyed, to remote communities in Somalia living with extreme drought, to the refugee camps of Jordan where deprivation is rife – The funds you raise can help us protect people and quench their thirst.

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