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April 30, 2022

Helping refugees in iraq

Fundraiser by Ibrahim Ahmed
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Hello all my name is Ibrahim Raad Ahmed I live in iraq kurdstian we’re a official license NGO has been operated since 2009 to help and provide for refugees crisis in iraq. 

I’m here to invite you to partner with me in an incredible opportunity to love the broken:

Imagine you're a child whose house, school and mosque has been burned/demolished. Your father and older brothers are beheaded and sisters gets killed 

Bajed Kandala camp contains over 10,000 Muslim refugees displaced from the conflict in Iraq, in particular as a result of targeted horror from ISIS. These people have endured and lost so much, and its humbling to have the opportunity to help them. 

Funds raised though this will be used for things like:

-replacing the generator in the medical clinic

- purchasing basic medicines and medical supplies.

- buying sewing machines for the small sewing group so that they can develop into a business bringing in an income through the sale of their products

- providing funds to get the camp bakery up and running again - used to help feed people in the camp. 

-possible small construction projects at the medical clinic. 

My airfares and food etc. are funded personally, so the money raised will go towards these projects.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this! 

Whether it’s here or there, go out, Love allahu & Love others. 

Peace to each of you.

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