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September 24, 2021

homeless project

Fundraiser by libam omer
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Homeless deaths in  have risen by 35% this year. Over 50 people have died on the streets in 2020 and the year is not over yet.

"Poor conditions of homeless shelters, structural, institutional, relationship and personal causes has forced people to sleep on the streets.

"Figures that have been released by the DRHE have shown that 234 adults are unable to get an emergency bed and that there are 3,385 adults and 2,335 children in emergency accommodation.

We will be giving the money raised to Mendicity Institution. Mendicity is a charity that does not receive any statutory funding. It is their mission to disrupt and prevent homelessness by enabling and empowering individuals to become self-sufficient members of their communities.

"It creates opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, isolation and marginalization through their many services such as their employment and integration service and the Mendicity workshop. Any donation big or small is greatly appreciated, please help us in the fight to end homelessness. Everything will be done in line with public health advice. Thank you!"

Orphans & Widows

Across the world, millions of families have been torn apart by the death of loved ones. All too often, orphans and widows are left to fend for themselves, grieving, struggling and in desperate need of support. From just £30 you can help the most vulnerable and protect those at risk.

Every pound you raise help make a lasting difference to people in need around the world. Donate Today!

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Orphans & Widows

Across the world, millions of families have...

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