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August 8, 2021

Rebuilding a Life

Fundraiser by Mohammad Rakibuzzaman
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Assalamu alaikum 


I'm MD Rakibuzzaman from Bangladesh, i was worked with multinational Company in 2006-2010, its called Aviat Network. 

From 2010 i moved to china for business and I'm first Bangladeshi person who got there limited company registration. 

I was happy and my family was very happy. 

I do for my relatives and my society as much as i can afford by grace almighty allah. 

2015 i was suffer for a chinese supplier and from 2015 i leave china and business because my mental health was destroyed that time. 

I sale my all property and give back money to my clients. Because i Don't want someone suffer for me. 

Now this days i try and try several time, for covid situation fully workless and earnless.

If i got help from my muslims brotherhood than if Allah want i can rebuild my life. 

Yes i believe i was do when i have, so now Allah should be enough for me Insha allah. 

Pray and Dua for all brother and sisters. 


Mohammad Rakibuzzaman 

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