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October 10, 2022

Tarbiyatul Muslimaat

Fundraiser by Zawjati Habibi
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Assalamualaikum warahmatulla wabarakatu 

I /we Hope this message reaches  you in the best of Health. 

Alhamdulilah through the grace of Allah we heading towards  the end of our madrassa  year. First and foremost  I would like  thank Allah Subahanallah wa Ta'allah for granting us this opportunity and for allowing us to carry out this blessfull task. Nothing  would have been possible  if it wasn't for Allah.

Madrassa Tarbiyatul Muslimaat  is a madrassa that consists of amazing ladies who take out their time in search or knowledge  of Deen..amidst  all their busy scadules of house, mother and wive duties they never fail in presenting  themselves everyweek to madrassa.Our madrassa  has been running for 5 years now .We currently  have 20 ladies and insha-Allah  we hope to grow as time goes by.The amount of joy that we experience  seeing these women striving in the path of Allah and making so much effort, words can not explain. This year we would like to have a little brunch for the ladies and present them with small gift hampers as a token of appreciation  for their effort and time they put in.  We would like your assistance in making this a success.. we are looking for sponsors  who would like to contribute towards this initiative in cash or in kind we would really  really appreciate  it 

For more information  please feel free to direct  contact me Jazaka-Allah 

Love and duas

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