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Gaza's Children Appeal

Thousands of children in Gaza are suffering from malnourishment. Without immediate support and intervention, malnutrition can lead to mental or physical disability, illness, and possibly death. Help keep Gaza’s children alive, donate from as little as £150.

Across Gaza, thousands of children are slowly dying from the relentless and horrifying effects of not having enough food to eat.

They may have survived the war for now - but malnutrition is slowly killing them. 

Life has been tough in Gaza for a long time but now, since the war, children are suffering even more. More than 28% of Gaza’ children are suffering from critical deficiencies caused by a lack of nutritious food. Anaemia, rickets, stunted growth, and developmental delay are rife. 

Young children are becoming weak, sick, and severely dehydrated. Bit by bit, young lives are slipping away due to the severe poverty caused by 12 years of a terrifying war. They have suffered enough. Now they need our help. 

Help us feed Gaza’s children for good. 

Join us to combat the damage caused by severe poverty on Palestine’s children. In these last remaining days of Ramadan we are launching an emergency response appeal to give the children of Gaza the sustenance they desperately need. 

Through our partners and medical centres, your donation can pay for food, medicine, medical equipment, and all important nutritional supplements to restore children to health.

Your support can help us identify children in critical conditions or vulnerable to illness, undertake full health assessments and provide supplements and medicine to restore them to health over a long-term programme.

This is a unique and amazing chance to change the lives of Gaza’s children and heal the damage caused by war and poverty.

Donate now and you help us save the lives and futures of the children of Gaza.

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