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A Sincere Thank You to Muslim Aid Volunteers

A successful relief aid organisation relies on its workers just as much as it relies on its supporters. At Muslim Aid, we are proud to have some of the finest and most dedicated aid workers and volunteers in our team, all of whom really give their all to ensure the success of a charity campaign. For over two decades we have been assisting refugees and our aid workers and volunteers have been with us every step of the way. It is to their hard work that we owe the success of many of our campaigns.

Our most recent expedition took us to the heart of the Middle East conflict in Gaza. The situation in Gaza has been making headlines around the world on virtually every television station and in every newspaper. With the loss of life currently nearing 2000 souls, there is dire need to get all types of aid to the people of Gaza, ranging from basic sanitary goods and medicine to clothes and food supplies.

As our on-the-ground workers make their way through the streets of Gaza to supply aid to those in need, thousands of miles away in the UK, there is another campaign underway to create awareness among the public regarding the situation in Gaza. There are many ways to create awareness. Only recently our volunteers were in Whitechapel collecting donations for the Gaza Emergency Appeal campaign, simultaneously creating awareness of the situation in the region.

This week our volunteers decided to do something out of the box, something that is both fun and challenging; a fifteen mile walk for Gaza.

To walk fifteen miles is no mean feat. It is a true challenge and one that our many volunteers accepted graciously and completed with ease. We want to thank our volunteers for their hard work and commitment. It is this dedication that brings success to our relief aid campaigns.

The goal of the fifteen mile walk was to generate interest among the public and encourage them to do their part to help Gaza. No one denies the atrocities that are going on in that region. There is a genuine need for aid in Gaza as the United Nations tries to keep the region stable long enough for aids and supplies to get through. Time is of the essence though. There is a desperate need to act quickly and ensure that as much aid gets through to the citizens of Gaza as possible and that it gets there before things get much worse. 

The Gaza Emergency Appeal is the latest in a series of campaigns being run by Muslim Aid to garner support and aid for the people of Gaza. The response so far from supporters and donors has been amazing. Within weeks of launching the campaign we were able to get our teams on the ground in Gaza, carrying aid packets and food rations, amid the increasing turmoil. There has been no electricity in the region for weeks and, as a result, no water. We are supplying drinking water to the region as of the writing of this post and will continue to do so until normalcy returns to the region.

We urge everyone to support the Gaza Emergency Appeal. For more information, visit the Muslim Aid website and check out our blog.

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