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Aid For Syria This Ramadan

With more than 100,000 confirmed casualties and over 2 million Syrians displaced in almost 3 years, the Syria crisis is no doubt the worst humanitarian crisis since Rwanda. To date, the crisis has shown no signs of ending. Relief agencies from around the world have come to Syria’s aid including Muslim Aid. The U.N is working hard along with a coalition of other countries to broker a deal between the factions to put an end to the needless bloodshed and violence. Though there is very little hope of an impending breakthrough.

Muslim Aid started the Syria Relief Aid campaign in early 2011. This was right after the Syria crisis first began. Realising how quickly the situation was escalating, we immediately went to work in order to make things ready for the floods of refugees that would soon be coming over the border. We realised the situation was desperate and braced ourselves to deal with the potential overflow of refugees. Despite these preparations, nothing could prepare anyone for what was about to come. The situation went from bad to worse to critical in a matter of days. In the end, the Syrian people and Relief Aid organisations were left to fend for themselves. The floodgates flung open and the war-torn victims came pouring out.

The Aid for Syria campaign was designed to ensure these people are taken care of, including those still trapped in Syria. Through this campaign and the generous donations we have received Muslim Aid was able to conduct its operations effectively on the ground in collaboration with other parties. The donations came from every corner of the world and made us resolute in our commitment to help the Syrian people. The donations paid for the construction of two clinics along the Jordanian border. Muslim Aid also provided food packages, blankets and hygiene packs to thousands of Syrian families. Over 2000 Syrian families who fled to Lebanon now have proper housing and are living a relatively safe and sheltered life.

A good relief aid agency works around the clock to ensure relief aid is going into the hands of as many people as possible. The work is not done until the crisis in that area has ended and peace and harmony have prevailed. Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Aid campaign has done a lot for the people of Syria over the course of 3 years. Yet there is more work to be done. The increasing number of orphan children living as refugees is a growing concern. The latest developments in Iraq and Syria are even more worrying. The job is not done until everyone refugee and victim is accounted for.

This Ramadan, let’s pledge that we will never forget about the people of Syria and the hardships people over there are facing. We urge all our readers, fans, and valued supporters to keep the Syrian people in yours thoughts and prayers as they fast and pray this Ramadan. Donate to Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Aid Campaign and contribute towards saving lives today.

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