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Beating Winter in Syria

For many people around the world, the prospect of a winter chill can be quite promising after a long, hot summer. However, extreme temperatures in both directions can be much more damaging - and even prove fatal – for those that do not have a fixed abode or protective clothing to ward off the elements.

For the millions of refugees currently living rough in Syria, extremities like this have become the norm. Those with homes have the luxury of dressing according to the weather, but how would you cope if you had to leave your homes behind? 

The winters in this part of the world are particularly harsh, especially for the youngest and eldest in the community who are already vulnerable before we factor in the weather. They don’t have proper clothes or accessories such as blankets and gloves to keep them warm, whether living at home or seeking refuge elsewhere. 

Syria is comprised mostly of deserts, and there is one universal truth about deserts - it is as cold at night as it is hot during the day.  

There are many things refugees need in winter, including things that many of us take for granted that will allow them to stay warm and nourished during the chilly winter season. Clothing is a big issue - many of the families in these camps are faced with extreme poverty; they have had to leave their lives behind - from material possessions right through to sentimental ones, as well as practical ones. 

The lack of warm clothes spells trouble in the Syrian winter, which is known for its brutal winds. Ongoing aid efforts by Muslim Aid have focused on providing blankets and provisions to these refugees. In recent years, with your support, we donated thousands of blankets to help the population of refugees. 

In such challenging times, your donation can be the difference between a good night's sleep and a sleepless night for a suffering family. Your donation pays for vital clothing such as warm gloves, boots, socks, hats and much more. 

Aside from monetary contributions, many others have also provided clothing and winter resources that they no longer need, including old clothes, blankets and more. What better way to assist those in need than to give them the things you don’t need? Warm clothes are invaluable in the winter, and there are many people whose lives depend on them. 

It is narrated by our Holy Prophet (PBUH) that whoever gives a fellow human being a garment to wear will be in Allah SWT's safe keeping as long as a single shred of it remains on him.  

The threat of a freezing winter is looming over Syria right now. While most of us will be cosy and warm in our toasty homes, there will be many refugees destined to a cold, bitter night’s sleep under the sky. They need warm clothing and sufficient nutrition to survive. The living conditions in Syria are harsh, and a little help from each and every one of us can make a huge difference to the lives of those in need. 

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