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Calling All You Hoarders Out There

We all know that feeling of having too many clothes in our wardrobe and hoarding all those ‘important’ things we seem to have no use for. Can you imagine how much money you could make from selling all these to someone who may actually want them?


I’m sure we’re all familiar with those “limited edition” items we tend to buy due to their exclusivity and then gradually just tend to lose taste for it after a while (or grow out of it).


Most communities hold a car boot sale at some point over the weekend, so perhaps this could be your chance to set up a stall and put all your goods up for sale? You could even set up a stall at work or a local community event, if permissible?


All these items would have probably gone into the bin during your next cleaning session anyway, so why not donate the takings towards a charitable cause? You would be surprised what people out there would buy, and something that may not have much value to you personally, may actually be something much sought after by someone else… from shoes to clothes, coats to bags; you can sell anything you don’t want or need anymore.


The additional benefit to this is a less cluttered and more organised home for you, resulting in happy shoppers and above all; the duas from those who you will end up helping.


Why not get a few friends and family together who have the same issue; with too many clothes or things they would like to get rid of and make a day of it?


Think of all those out there with no clothes at all and here we are; buying the same item in an assortment of colours without even thinking twice, makes you think doesn’t it?


So, time to decide if you really need that top or those trainers, get selling whilst raising funds for a good cause. Have that long overdue clear out today; it’s quite therapeutic you know….


Don’t forget to donate to Muslim Aid, towards a cause you can resonate with. Remember those who are less privileged than us and prove there is humanity left in the world.

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