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Conquer Your Fears for a Good Cause

We all have certain phobias in life. Some of us are scared of heights, whilst others are petrified of water, and quite a few of us suffer from arachnophobia (fear of spiders).
So, why not challenge yourself and face those fears in order to raise donations for those in need?
If it’s for a good cause, there’s no gain without a little pain, right?
So we have listed three ideas to get you facing your fears head on to raise those funds:
Swimming Lesson

If you are known for being afraid of water, and it’s your worst fear, get all of your friends and family to sponsor you and go for a swimming lesson. Just ensure you take someone that can swim with you and have trained lifeguards around you. Stick on a few armbands and paddle around in the shallow end. You never know you might actually have fun and develop a newfound passion for it! Plus, if you’re feeling extra adventurous; why not just book a jet skiing lesson?
Bungee Jumping/Paragliding

Always been afraid of heights? Book yourself on a bungee jump, it’s not as bad as jumping out of a plane and it’s incredibly enjoyable too. Bungee jumping is one of the most popular sponsored activities for charity. However, if you feel daring and find a jump too easy, how about paragliding? Go on, we dare you!

If, like many people, you are afraid of spiders and anything that crawls in general, how about a glamourous way of outdoor camping? Introducing glamping; take a few of your fellow arachnophobe friends along with you and get raising some funds. Ensure you document and take videos of your journey and experience too! Too far for you? Set up a tent in your back garden, as long as there is safety nearby, what’s stopping you? You can even get the kids involved.
Remember to donate to Muslim Aid to ensure all your fundraising goes towards a good cause or a campaign of your choice. Have some fun whilst doing your part for humanity.

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