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Dare to Take the Rucksack Challenge

The great thing about relief aid is that it can be practically anything. Financial donations are always welcome, especially for large-scale international campaigns where the number of affected people is in the millions. However, there are other viable ways to contribute to charity and aid campaigns as well. Volunteer work is a big one. The possibilities are endless with volunteer work, and there is a great amount of flexibility and variation in the type of work available so people have a good deal of options to choose from. Another way people can get involved in charity work is through local campaigns and charity events; particularly those that target a specific group of affected people.


Recently Muslim Aid unveiled one such programme, a challenge actually, which has evolved to become one of the most successful local aid campaigns ever. It is geared towards a very specific and often overlooked group of people and the best part about it is that practically anyone can contribute. We are talking about the Rucksack Challenge by Muslim Aid.


Unlike most of their campaigns that span continents and provide aid for millions of people, the Rucksack Challenge is a local campaign that caters for the needs of the homeless and the elderly. There couldn’t be a better time to take up this challenge. With the winter season in full swing, more and more people are keeping themselves warm to cope with the cold weather. Homeless people do not have such a luxury. They are left to fend for themselves. Their life of isolation and poverty leads them down a dark path where they eventually succumb to poor health during freezing temperatures.


Muslim Aid urges its viewers and supporters to do something about that by taking up the Rucksack Challenge. This is a challenge where everyone is a winner providing they complete it. Participating in the Rucksack Challenge is simple. Simply visit the Muslim Aid website and fill out a form to receive your rucksack. Once you have it, stuff it with items that homeless people and the elderly can use. The rucksack will have sufficient space to accommodate many things. Warm clothing such as gloves, mufflers and sweaters are a good option. Blankets and sleeping bags are another. Food items, especially those that are easily consumed such as canned fruits, chocolate bars, etc. can also be utilised.


Once you have filled the rucksack to your satisfaction, now it’s time for your reward. Give it to a homeless person or the elderly so that they can keep warm and have something nice to snack on to combat the cold weather. They will be grateful for this act of kindness, and you will feel good about yourself as well.


Islam is a religion of peace. It promotes the ideologies of peace and harmony and preaches everyone to help people in need. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself practiced it. We should also do our best to avail such opportunities. If you are looking for ways to contribute to your community, the Rucksack Challenge by Muslim Aid is a great place to start.


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