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How Can You Respond to The Gaza Emergency Appeal

How Can You Respond to The Gaza Emergency Appeal

Words cannot describe the terror and chaos that has engulfed Gaza in the last few weeks. The situation escalated exponentially within days and as of the writing of this post, almost 200 people including many children have lost their lives and thousands more are injured and in dire need of medical assistance.

Each passing day brings more grim news from Gaza. Muslim Aid has been working around the clock on the Gaza front ever since the crisis started. We have initiated the Gaza Emergency Appeal and are raising funds to support the campaign designed to help the people of Gaza. In these tough times, we ask valued donors and supporters to donate generously and get more people involved in the campaign.

Gaza Emergency Appeal Campaign

The relief aid campaign for Gaza has been divided into three pledge categories.

A donation of £30, will enable Muslim Aid to provide life-saving medical packs. The medical crisis in Gaza is at an all-time high with hospitals operating at full capacity and doctors and physicians working extremely long shifts to accommodate the injured. This influx of patients has also left hospitals and refugees short on medical supplies. They need medicine. They need medical equipment. They need vaccinations. They need blood donations.

A donation of £60 will provide a food pack for the entire family. Medical supplies are not the only item in short supply in Gaza. There is a genuine shortage of vital food supplies as well. The attacks on Gaza has brought normal life to a standstill with many necessary day to day services now suspended completely until things get better. In times like this, Gaza residents are forced to flee the area to a more peaceful part of the region. However many can’t afford to do so and they are forced to live through this hell every day and every night.

For a donation of £150, Muslim will provide blood for severe injuries sustained by people in Gaza. While hundreds have died, thousands remain in hospitals desperate for medical supplies and equipment. One of the emerging needs of the recent bloodshed has been the shortage of blood. Muslim Aid will donate blood to the injured people of Gaza; those who have been seriously injured in an attack of ambush.

The situation in Gaza is that of complete desperation. The latest attempt to achieve a cease fire lasted only a few hours before fighting resumed again. Innocent civilians who just want to live their lives in peace are caught in the crossfire and nearly 200 precious lives have been lost.

To witness so much blood spilt and the misery of all those affected is heart wrenching. Muslims always donate generously in the month of Ramadan. The entire Gaza incident has sparked immense passions to help these people and the Muslim community in the UK in particular has been at the forefront of assisting Muslim Aid with relief aid efforts.

Support Gaza and Support Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid’s goal is to stay committed to the Gaza Emergency Appeal campaign and ensure that proper medicine, sufficient food and adequate blood supplies reach the people of Gaza so that they can be better cared for. They are surrounded by war and helplessness. Muslim Aid is pursuing peaceful relief aid efforts that would bring some form of stability to their lives.

We urge all our fans and supporters to get involved with relief aid efforts this year. Apart from Gaza, Muslim Aid is involved in a dozen other campaigns in different parts of the world each with a specific purpose and objective. Be sure to visit our newly designed website and browse through opportunities to get involved. Not all our work is based on financial assistance. Muslim Aid also requires a constant source of Volunteer workers to conduct its operations in over 70 countries. If you would like to volunteer, be sure to visit our Muslim Aid blog for more information. 

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