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How to Promote a Charity Event for the Syrian Refugees

Charity events help people who are in financial, physical or any other kinds of trouble. Syria relief campaign is an initiative for which countless people are making efforts and organising charity events. These events are a great way maximise the amount of aid channelled towards the Syria relief campaign. However, in order to make a charity event successful, it is important to promote it. Listed below are few steps for effectively promoting a charity event.

Form a promotion committee

The first thing to do in order to promote the Syria charity campaign is to form a promotion committee. The committee will not only brainstorm different ideas for the success of the event but also would carry out various promotional activities. The committee would further work on the budget of the campaign as well as the separate budget of promotions (if there is any).

Write content/make graphics and make it viral

As a next step, write some material and post on the Internet. You would need to create some free blogs and web 2.0 accounts in order to upload your promotional content there. Once you have created those accounts, you would need to carefully upload all the charity promotion content along with the venue details and your contact numbers. After this, you would have to share the content on various social networks in order to make it viral. You should also create some graphics and share it the same way with the online audiences in an effort to better promote your charity event.

Produce and print fliers

Next step is to produce fliers. For this you would first need to write material that would go on the fliers and then to add some graphics or layout to the document before printing it. Once done, print adequate copies of fliers or get them printed through a printing press and start handing over the fliers to people all over your neighbourhood as well as in other areas of the city.

Make tickets for the event

Selling tickets is one of the best ways to promote an event. However, you would have to make sure that you reach people in a polite way and pitch your purpose in the appropriate manner so that people can trust you and acquire the tickets to the charity event.

Lastly, you should consider using newspaper advertisement to reach out more people. Advertising in a local newspaper would require you to spend some money but it would ensure that you find the people who are interested in becoming a part of the charity event and in making donations.

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