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Invest in Yourself

So many people worldwide today are financially motivated and choose to invest their assets to guarantee a return on investment, to generate a living or to secure their future.

The term investment in not just applicable to finance - there is also the matter of investing time and effort.

We invest our hard work and time into our children to ensure they are well brought up, well-mannered and well-educated, and to ensure they become good people. 

We devote a lot of time towards creating a life and home for our offspring. We work hard day and night to generate a living and keep them safe in a nice warm home, with food on the table. 

We spend time and patience in sharing our knowledge - Islamic or otherwise - to ensure our children are fully equipped to face their future and stand on their own two feet. Whatever we do, we always do so to the best of our abilities. 

Money is invested or put aside for their further education, travel and living expenses. Money is put aside for their wedding day, for their future and their own offspring later in life, Inshallah. 

We invest in our children a great deal in the hope that they will find, follow and continue the right path, in the ultimate journey on this Earth. 

It is also important to educate our progenies in the importance of humility, of sharing, and general humanity. We want them to be good people as well as financially secure, well-educated and intelligent. Being a human and of good standing in front of our Creator is of utmost importance. 

We should teach our children charity from a young age. Helping others, how to be selfless and not just live for oneself as there is greater pleasure in living for others, too. 

How is this investment, you ask? 

It is an investment into our Hereafter, along with theirs, their children, and so on and so forth. 

We often find ourselves worrying about where our finances will come from for tomorrow when we should be worrying about where our gains will come in the Hereafter; for that is the real investment. For those worldly goods we tend to worry about, Allah SWT is here, He is the most Gracious, He looks out for us. 

Let’s forget these worldly goods and keep this goal as our ultimate focus and vision. 

Let’s help others in the hope that we will be helping ourselves in the Hereafter. Giving to charity can only increase what we have. 

Let’s unite and invest in our real future, the Hereafter. 

Donate to Muslim Aid towards a good cause this year. Volunteer your time and invest in those who need you the most at present. From poverty stricken towns to war-stricken countries; the struggle is real. 

There is far greater pleasure in giving than there is in this temporary living. Join Muslim Aid today.

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