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Life Becoming More Dangerous For Civilians in Syria

Conditions of Syria don’t seem to get any better. While many parts of the country are suffering by the Syrian crisis affects, Damascus isn’t safe as well. In fact, the conditions have worsened in Damascus as the violence has increased. Countless people are affected by the tragic events that have taken place in Syria. Damascus is yet another area that has become troublesome for the Syrian refugees.

The people of Damascus are not only deprived of education and shelter, but also the basic necessities of life as well. You will feel extremely saddened after learning that poor Syrians don’t even have clean water to drink and adequate food to feed their children. What’s more disappointing is that many of the aid teams are being stopped by rebels during the efforts of providing help to the Syrian refugees.

Recently we all heard about the news of a non-profit organisations team members being abducted by the rebels of Syria. It was one of the most difficult situations for those aid providers, as they weren’t only stopped from providing the aid that the people of Syria needed, but were actually abducted for several days. However, seeing such situations arise Muslim Aid fastened its efforts and procedures of providing aid to the Syrian refugees. This was to ensure that those who are being deprived of the food, clothes and shelter were provided with the essentials to survive. Visit our website today to discover how you can make a difference with a simple donation!

The situation has worsened for Syrian refugees even more because of the winter season. Usually people enjoy the winter season no matter which part of the world they live, but for Syrians it’s the other way around. Instead of having warm clothes and blankets to utilise throughout the winters, helpless Syrians don’t even have regular clothes to cover up their entire bodies! This is not all. This year, Syria is experiencing the coldest winter in its entire history, which is making it even tougher for the Syrians to survive the battle of their lives.

This is where it becomes highly critical for us to provide the essentials they need, to survive the blood freezing winters of Syria. We request all of our readers to show generosity and to pledge as much as they can, in order to provide Syria apparel to the freezing and shivering families of Syria. There are a number of ways in which you can send help to the Syrians. One of the things that you can do is donate all your winter clothes. Once you have gathered everything, contact Muslim aid so that they can pick up the Syria apparel for winters from your home and deliver it to the needy Syrians of Damascus.

Another thing you can do is that you can log on to the website of and navigate to the Syria Relief page and make your donation. You can chose from various bands to give your donation in order to provide the people of Damascus the help they need. May Allah (SWT) enable you to donate generously and also give you the reward of your good deed (Amen).

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