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Life in an Orphanage

With Qurbani 2017 almost upon us, it is a time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, more now than ever. We should be thinking about all of those children that do not have the privileges that we do - the children who have lost parents, support, love and warmth through no fault of their own.

 There are children like this all over the world. Let’s take a look at the day in the life of a child living in an orphanage.

Many orphaned children share a bedroom with other children, so everyday tasks like praying need to be done quietly in order to not wake the other children. They go without the luxury of privacy at all times of day, something which many of us take for granted.

Often, these children make do with hand-me-down possessions, having lost their homes as well as their parents, but still, they persevere with education. Life in an orphanage is safer than living on the streets, but there are many distractions that can hinder a child’s progress at school and socially for a number of reasons, including emotional distress and the tiredness of never being able to truly relax.

These children enjoy school and value their education more than anything else, as the sense of familiarity takes them back to better days. Seeing friendly faces and learning as much as possible to one day escape this life and find a home of their own. This is a burden no child should suffer.

So many children around the world are living in orphanages in the poorest parts of the world, their homes and families torn from them by conflict and unrest. How would you feel if you had to survive in these conditions? How would you feel if your children had to grow up without their parents?

In countries where famine, poverty and war are a part of everyday life, these children are cared for – but only with your help.

This Qurbani, we urge you to consider some of those less fortunate than yourself. Donate your Qurbani with Muslim Aid and help give these children a chance at a better life.

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