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UNHCR just recently released updated statistics on the Syrian crisis. The numbers that came through shocked everyone. It paints a very grim picture of just how bad the situation on the ground is in Syria and how much relief aid work is still needed in order to provide for the fleeing refugees and those still living inside Syrian borders. According to report, over 2.2 million Syrian refugees have fled Syria due to violence and bloodshed. A majority of those went to Lebanon, over 800,000. Turkey and Jordan took in half a million each while Iraq has so far accommodated over 200,000 Syrian refugees. And these are just people who have fled the country. Over 4.25 million Syrians have been internally displaced due to the Syrian crisis and that number is expected to both rise and also add into the number of people who are fleeing Syria altogether. These are disturbing statistics and a big portion of these people comprises of women, elderly and children.

Children always have it rough when it comes to coming to terms with the harsh reality of living as a refugee. Life is about making the most of the opportunities that come to in your life. Some of us are very blessed in that regard. Others are not so fortunate, forced to be on the receiving end of the brutal blows of life. The matter is even more personal when little children are involved; Syrian children.

A majority of them are children and teenagers. Before the Syrian Crisis, they were going to school in bright uniforms. Now they attend a makeshift school that is packed beyond capacity, short on staff and teachers in a refugee camp. Before they could run to the grocery store at any time to get food and other amenities. Now they have to wait for the food delivery van to come distribute a set amount of rations to everyone.

This is where you can play a pivotal role in their lives. Sponsor a Syrian child by making a donation to Muslim Aid. Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Aid campaign has been ongoing for almost 3 years. With the donations we have received we have managed to put homeless refugees into shelters and provided hundreds of thousands with basic amenities like food, clothing and medicine.

Child sponsorship can make all the difference in the world to a refugee children and orphans. Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family is a child orphan sponsorship programme that has provided for thousands of orphans courtesy of the kind hearts that sponsor these children. The main idea behind programs like these and the Syria Relief campaign is not to just collect donations and arrange for rations. It has a purpose specifically designed to help children realise their aspirations and achieve their dreams even in the darkest of times. Many people who make the donation don’t realise this but the children who receive this donation do. It goes beyond a child’s education and provides them with quality healthcare, food, clothing and emotional stability and wellbeing.

Sponsor a Syrian Child and become the change in their life today. 

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