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Supporting The Elderly and Disabled In Islam

The religion of Islam preaches about equality and fairness. No human being is superior to another. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself stated as such on the Mountain of Arafat in His last sermon:

”No Arab has superiority over a Non-Arab and no Non-Arab has superiority over an Arab.”

All men are created equal was the message with every individual born to the same rights as any other person. The right to live a free life, get an education, start a family and live a good life even if they are disabled or elderly. Both the Quran and Hadiths hold specific instructions and information about the rights of the disabled. The concept of charity was designed for the very purpose of helping those who cannot support themselves or their families. The disabled and those who are in debt are one of the 8 types of people who can receive Zakat donations.

Even if a person is disabled, they may be gifted in other ways. There is an inspiring tale to that effect. There was once a man by the name of Abdullah Ibn Masoud. His legs were very weak, small and tiny. However he was gifted at explaining the teachings of the Holy Quran. Once, a group of people made a joking remark about his legs. The Prophet (PBUH) was standing nearby. He stopped them immediately and said.

“What makes you laugh? For the legs of Ibn Masoud are heavier on the scale on Judgment day than the Mountains of Uhuhd”.

 This just goes to show that the physical defects in a human being don’t overshadow his true worth in the eyes of Allah (SWT). According to Hadiths, Allah (SWT) will show mercy on the Day of Judgement to those who showed kindness on Earth to His creation and provided assistance to the weak during their lifetime.

The Role of Relief Aid Organisations

Zakat foundations and relief aid organisations have been instrumental in assisting scores of people who are in dire need of help. From local programmes which team people about skilled learning and provide small loans to large scale relief aid campaigns such as for the people of Syria and Myanmar, charity organisations have been instrumental in coming to the aid of humanity. They reach out to those who need help, especially if they are physically or mentally incapable of taking care of themselves. This is where Zakat donations play a huge role in their lives. The very concept of Zakat was designed for the betterment of the lives of other Muslims. Unlike charity which is not mandatory, Zakat is an obligation due on all Muslims who are financially secure and meet Nisaab values. It can be given during the month of Ramadan along with Zakat-ul-Fitr. It is highly advised that people paying Zakat give their contributions to those who are disabled or elderly as they are one of the recipients of Zakat donations.

This Ramadan be sure to remember those who are less fortunate in your prayers and give Zakat to the needy, the poor, the elderly and the disabled. 


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  • Ibrahim Ajayi said on 07 Apr 2016, 03:50

    Hello and Assalmualekun: I've just run into your website, and I just didn't know that my letter was posted on this site. Actually, I've not gotten any assistance from anyone since I sent this mail last year. I am still in a state of financial hopelessness, as I've not gotten another job and I still don't have money to start my own job. I am still unable to pay my rent, and I am on the verge of losing my accommodation at the end of this month April, and I just don't know where I will go next. If anyone any where in the world can assist me I will greatly appreciate it very much. I need help, and seriously too. My situation has now become suicidal if I must tell anyone. I just can't understand why I'm soffering I am in serious trouble, and I need help. I've browsed the internet very many times, looking for opportunities for assistance, all to no avail. Please I need help from anywhere in the world. Any individual can help me. Anyone willing to help me can get in touch with me directly through my Email. Any assistance given will be accepted by Allah as an act of Ibadah, and such a person will be richly blessed. Thanks and kind regards. Asalamualekun:

  • Ibrahim Ajayi said on 23 Jun 2015, 00:32

    assalamu alaikun: May the peace and blessings of almighty Allah be upon you. I am a blind man writing from Nigeria. I've just lost my job, and I am in straittened circumstance. Life is becoming extremely difficult for me, because I am fast running out of money to survive, that is to eat and meet basic needs. I am right now looking for money to start my own business. I used to work as a journalist, and I now want to start work as a freelance writer. I will need the following things. An Iphone or IPad, a solar bank to power my laptop and the mobile phone, I also need some money to pay my rent, because I have only settled a part of it, and I will aslo need some money to eat for some time. I will require as much as 700 Dollars to meet these needs. Do you have any contacts or anyone supporting your group in Nigeria? If you do, maybe you can fix me up with such a person, but you have to be certain that he will be willing to help me. I thank you for your anticipated attention, and subsequent assistance. I need help urgently. Assalamu Alaikun:

  • Isfahan Noor Mohamed said on 14 Jun 2015, 13:59

    Assalamu alaikum, I am Isfahan Noor Mohamed from Sri Lanka. I am 53 years old not married and living alone without anyones help. I worked in a leading companies in Sri Lanka for twelve years and went to middle east and worked there upto 2012 and returned back homd with the hope of get a job and settle down here. But still I couldn‘t find a job due to my overage. All thease days I lived from my little savings witch I earned in middle east. But now I am going through a financial difficulties to look after my day to day expenses. So what I am requesting from you is please help me by providing me a grant for a self employment or your help to find a job. I would be grateful to you if could help me during the holy month to enlighten my future. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Yours brother in Islam Isfahan Noor Mohamed

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