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The Importance of Salaah

Salaah (Prayers) is one of the obligatory Five Pillars of Islam and is a privilege blessed upon us by Allah SWT. It holds many great attributes as we pray for nobody but ourselves, as the reward is primarily for us.
Amongst many of these countless benefits, Muslim Aid has listed a few:
Brings You Closer to Allah SWT

This is our time to converse with our Creator. Most of us could talk for England to our friends and family; in the same way, this precious time is taken out to converse with the Almighty. Not only that, but we are asking Allah SWT our haajat (wishes) at the end of our prayers. Allah SWT states:

“And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely, I am near, I respond to the call of the one who prays to Me, so he should respond to Me and believe in Me, so that he may be led on the right path”
-          The Holy Qur’an (2:186)

Nobody, not even our own parents, loves us more than our Lord, for He created us. Yet, He only asks for around 30 minutes of our entire day. To have this connection with our Lord can only strengthen and purify our character and soul.
Fajr and Ishaa (Morning and Evening Prayer)

It is said that Fajr is, without a doubt, the most valuable prayer of the day. It is set at a time where the world is asleep, and you have risen from your comfortable bed to converse with your Lord.
Similarly, with Ishaa prayer, whilst most people are sleepy and tired, you have remembered your Lord before retiring for the night.

“And he, who performs Salaah before sunrise and Salaah before sunset will not enter the gates of Hell.”
-           Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Most of us get into the habit of waking for Fajr during the Holy Month of Ramadan, but we should aim to continue this practice, to continue our reward. Allah SWT sends His Angels to protect us and guide us throughout our day, following the recitation of Fajr Salaah.
Also, as an added bonus, it infuriates shaitaan (devil) when a believer wakes up for Fajr!
Jummah (Friday Prayers)

There is great significance to Jummah Prayers in Islam. It is a congregational prayer, which is followed at Mosque and promotes unity amongst Muslims. It is said that for one whole hour during the day of Jummah, Allah SWT accepts the duas of any believer. Rewards are also increased on the day of Jummah. It was on a Friday that Allah SWT created Prophet Adam, and it is on a Friday that the world will eventually come to an end. Any charity donated on a Friday also invokes greater reward.
Of course, there are countless other benefits of Salaah; the reward in the Hereafter, the Barkah (blessing) in our homes, and the attainment whilst we are on this earth. But Salaah is also a key reminder that our life on earth is only temporary, and we belong to the One and Only Allah SWT. It is our duty to help others and the more we give to others, the more Allah SWT will grant to us.
So let’s ensure we remember those who are less fortunate than us in our Prayers tonight and donate towards a good cause today with Our overall reward will far outweigh our gift.

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