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The Importance of Teaching Respect

Respect: “A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements.”

Respect is something that we are all taught from a young age. It is something to honour, uphold and defend; a trait and feeling that we should always aim towards. Whether it is our parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors or elders, throughout childhood, there are many people who both command and deserve our respect.

Many children learn respect from their parents and family members, yet orphans and vulnerable young people across the world find themselves without this vital support network. Through our child sponsorship programmes, we are able to provide this essential support to the children who need it most.

Why Should We Learn Respect?

But why is it so important for our children to learn respect?

Put simply, respect is one of the most important virtues that a child can have. Respecting others can lead to the development of strong, positive relationships with others, from friends and family members to teachers and figures of authority. It is also a trait that is invaluable throughout life – ultimately, respect will help our children to grow up and lead a happy life where others are always treated well.

Although the immediate effects of respect are fairly straightforward, there is also a wider range of different secondary effects that respect can bring to the table. For instance, respecting others will enable young children to improve their listening skills. As our children learn the importance of listening to others and taking their views, ideas and opinions into account, they should also become more open-minded and increasingly tolerant of others.

Similarly, educating children in the value and importance of good manners also stems from respect. Once good manners are a natural part of our little ones’ vocabulary, they should help to influence society and make our world a nicer place.

Supporting Children through Child Sponsorship

Of course, it is easy for us to teach our own children about the significance of respect, but many disadvantaged and vulnerable children across the world simply don’t have that all-important network of support to rely upon.

Through our child sponsorship initiative, we are able to send aid and provide assistance to children who are in need both in our own communities and further afield. Not only do we work to provide every child we support with access to an education, we also send aid in the form of food, clean water, clothing and shelter.

Donate today and help us to support our youngest generations in preparing to face the future together.

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