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The Strengthening of Ties

Silaturrahim is seen as a beautiful thing in Islam and means the strengthening of relationships with friends, relatives and humanity; thus promoting peace and inspiring unity within each other.

Strengthening a bond is more of an obligation because upsetting someone or being hurt by someone is not justifiable in Islam. The majority of us are taught from a young age to perceive all other beings as our brothers and sisters, regardless of race and religion. Before establishing knowledge and religion into one’s mind, you need first to start with introducing basic humanity. Religion is not a religion without humanity and civility towards one another.

That being said, this isn’t always practised in religion, and varies from one religion to the next - we are all far from perfect. This is why the virtues of patience, tolerance and understanding are indeed, very high. This also inspires calmness and humility in people.

It is important to remember that all of humankind was created by Allah SWT, and we, as human beings, have no right to cause harm to any other beings of Allah SWT.

Inspiring unity amongst people holds incredible importance in this world, yet so many people fail to see this. Thus, we come to the conclusion that unity and friendship are of utmost importance and are also a window to one’s character. Our friends and family are not limited to those whom we share the same blood or space with; it also expands to all those around us.

Those who are less fortunate than us and those who are struggling, without even a fraction of what we have, while we have too much in comparison– the unity and bond of Silaturrahim is strengthened by these kind acts towards fellow human beings. It is difficult not to want to help someone in an unfortunate position.

Nobody is above anyone, nor is anybody above anyone; we are all from Allah SWT and to Allah SWT, we shall all return. Selfless acts of humanity are an obligation to us, not an option. Don’t let the world define your character, let your belief define your actions. Promote Silaturrahim and unity today.

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