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Volunteering Options for Charity

At we know that you can utilise your spare time in doing efforts to help people who are helpless. You would have to contact a charity and let them know that you want to offer your services as a volunteer so that you can help Syria. However, volunteering for a charity in a legal way requires you to have complete knowledge of how the whole process works.

The very first thing you need to understand is that volunteering is not like being an employee of a company or an organisation. Volunteers usually don’t make any money but in some cases, they do get some money to fulfil their day to day requirements of vehicle fuel and meal intake, which they consume during the voluntary periods. Thus, no personal benefit is made through voluntary services.

However, if a charity group or organisation offers you employment, then you become entitled to certain things that cannot be taken away by the employer. If you are working as a volunteer, you are not bound to give a certain amount of hours to the charity on a regular basis, but when you are working as an employee, you do have to follow the rules and regulations set by the employer. Visit our website today and see how our charity work really changes lives and where your donation will go!

Contrary to the voluntary work, you would get paid a certain amount of money on a monthly basis because now you are giving your full-fledged services and time to help the organisation reach out the helpless and provide maximum amounts of aid to them. The money you earn by working for a charity as an employee, will help you survive with ease while you help Syria by providing food, clean water and other essentials to its helpless people.

When you work as an employee at a charity, you should definitely sign a formal contract. This is because you now work as a permanent employee and you know where your legal boundaries lie. This is important even if the job timings are not too strict and you can take a day or two off in a month. You should be guaranteed that you will be paid at the end of a campaign or the end of the month. There is nothing wrong about earning money by working as an employee of a charity, as every charitable organisation sets a budget for their employees which is normally government funded.

However, if you don’t want to officially join a charity but still want to work for the good cause, you can organise fundraising events in your area to generate funds to help Syria. You can ask the charity of your choice to help for campaign banners, posters or flyers which you can use throughout your fundraising events. You can ask your friends and family members to help you out with the voluntary work, as well as to contribute money if they can.

If you aren’t sure about either of the above mentioned options for charity work, you can contact Muslim Aid and discuss your confusion. Team Muslim Aid will help you to figure out which options are best for you to choose from when volunteering for a charity. May Allah (SWT) enable you to make efforts and sacrifices in order to help Syria and people in other parts of the world who need your help and support (Amen).

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