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What Choice Do You Have?

Chances, Choices, Changes …

 “We are lucky enough to have the chance to be able to choose to make changes to the world.”

-          Unknown

Choices are something we all enjoy having, the opportunity to opt for something else, satisfying a curiosity that there is something better than what we currently have, something we can compare to the other.

Sometimes this can lead to acquiring privileges, such as helping others; yet sometimes this can lead to an ever growing, insatiable greed.

We are able to choose what we consume, what we quench our thirst with, what we wear, and the method of transport we take, where we live, what we do with our time and money; but what if those options were to be taken away from us?

What if we went to the supermarket and there was only one type of drink available to choose from; one source of nourishment, or, even worse, nothing?

What options would you be left with, if there was no food or clean water left at all?

Seeing just how much we take things for granted?

Ramadan 2016 is nearing brothers and sisters; this year, let’s not just remember our fellow starving brothers and sisters around the world solely in this month, let’s remember them every day, every week, every month. For they do not fast only in the month of Ramadan, they are fasting every day until they receive help in the form of nourishment.

How can we sit with so many different delicious options available to us to then waste it because we “don’t feel like that dish” today, when there are people out there who are praying for even a morsel of what we have in front of us?

How unfair is it that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure?

We are so consumed in our daily lives that we fail to remember there are so many out there who have no options, no choices.

So, during suhoor and iftar this Ramadan, when we are making delicious feasts to fill the table and line our stomachs with, let’s remember those amongst us that don’t have the privilege of breaking their fast with anything, let alone a range of choices.

Feed the Fasting with Muslim Aid this Ramadan and beyond; our stomachs will feel a lot fuller when our sustenance is shared.


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