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What Qurbani Teaches Us As Muslims

Allah (SWT) gave clear instructions about the fulfilment of Udhiya in Surah Al-Kauther:

"Therefore turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice (to Him only)." (Al-Kauther: 2)

Qurbani or Udhiya as it is usually referred to is a very important religious undertaking in which Muslims sacrifice an animal after Eid-ul-Adha prayers to fulfil the Sunnah of Abraham. It is a joyous occasion that brings happiness along with a few pearls of wisdom. In today’s post we will outline a few things that Qurbani teaches us.

Just like performing Salah benefits Muslims, Udhiya holds great benefits for those who sacrifice on the day of Eid-ul-Adha on the tenth, or the two days that follow Dhul-Hijjah. When Allah (SWT) tested his beloved prophet Ibrahim (PBUH), asking him to sacrifice his only beloved child Ismail (PBUH), Allah (SWT) only had beneficial plans for prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) as well as the whole of humanity.

Looking After the Neighbour and the Needy

Once the animal has been sacrificed, the meat is divided into three parts; one for the family, one for the neighbour and one for the poor. Qurbani teaches us the importance of looking after our neighbours as they too have rights. As Muslims it is our responsibility to make sure they are in good health and spirits. On the same note, people who are poor, homeless or financially unable to support themselves or their families also deserve a share of the Qurbani meat. It is just one way of looking out for our Muslim brothers and sisters in need.

Obedience and Unconditional Love

The Qurbani ritual is essentially a re-enactment of the famous incident involving Prophet Abraham and his son Ismail. Allah SWT had commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son to please Him. Abraham didn’t flinch and did as he was told. Allah SWT instantly replaced his son with a lamb leaving Ismail completely unharmed. It was an amazing display of obedience and unconditional love; obedience to Allah SWT and unconditional love to follow His every command without flinching. Every year, on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, Muslims honour that sense of commitment by performing Qurbani.

Unity Amongst Muslims

The occasion of Qurbani serves as a great way to bury old hatchets, forge new friendships and to solidify family ties. Muslims unite as one Ummah on this day. It brings people closer and creates awareness amongst Muslims in regards to how to make the Muslim community better and stronger.

As Eid-ul-Adha approaches, Muslims around the world get ready for Qurbani. would like to wish all Muslims in every corner of the world a Happy Eid. May Allah accept your Udhiya. May Allah accept the pilgrimage of millions of souls who will be performing Hajj this year. May the coming year be a great year for the Muslim Ummah and may this be a glorious Eid for the hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world. 

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