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Why Muslims Fast during Ramadan

The beauty of Islam is that non-Muslims find it just as interesting and captivating as Muslims and one of their most frequently asked questions’ concerning Ramadan is why Muslims fast during this blessed month. In today’s post we will discuss why Muslims fast during Ramadan.

The act of fasting defines a Muslim

Islam is based on 5 core principles; believing in these principles is key to being identified as a person of the Islamic faith. These five principles are also referred to as the five pillars of Islam, namely Shahadah, belief in one God (Allah) (SWT), Salat (prayer), Sawn (to fast) and Hajj. These are acts that Allah (SWT) has ordained compulsory. Fasting is one of the five pillars meaning that to fast during the month of Ramadan is mandatory for all able Muslims.

To attain piety

As humans, we are susceptible to sins and transgression of the boundaries established by Islam and fasting teaching us to be pious and restrain ourselves from worldly pleasures. The idea is to ensure we are not led astray by materialistic desires and to be able to control urges that can cloud judgement. This requires a fixed training period where Muslims have enough time to know and learn how to put an end to vices, learn virtues and obtain Allah’s (SWT) blessing.

To reap the benefits of the Night of Power

Lailat-ul-Qadr is carefully concealed within Ramadan and is also known as the Night of Power as special blessings are associated with this night; it is the most sacred of nights within Islam. It is said that any deed in this night carries more reward than the deeds of 1000 months combined.

Lailat-ul-Qadr lies in the last 10 days of Ramadan however, no exact date is known therefore Muslims perform Aitekaaf during the last 10 days, usually at a mosque, spend the night in prayer and recite the Quran.

To seek forgiveness for past sins

Islam preaches equality and Allah (SWT) made fasting during Ramadan to make the rich and the poor equal in terms of asking for forgiveness for their past sins. Ramadan is a month when many prayers are listened to and answered.

These are just a few reasons why Muslims fast during the blessed month of Ramadan. It defines them as followers of the Islamic faith and billions of Muslims around the world will continue in the tradition of fasting from sunrise to sunset.

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