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Why Unity is Important

Here at Muslim Aid, we run various campaigns to provide support to adults and children alike around the world who are suffering as a result of war, poverty and natural disasters, amongst other life-threatening causes.
Over the years, we have received a tremendous amount of support for our campaigns and continue to do so, with generous financial donations and individuals volunteering their time for a good cause.
This combined effort, along with our work of providing invaluable supplies and resources to those who struggle in their day to day lives, got us thinking; why is unity so important?
Well, to begin with, unity brings about a need for support, not just from our end, but within these communities as well. The adage ‘two heads are better than one’ comes into play here, as communities work together to rebuild their lives and support each other wherever and whenever they can, both emotionally and physically.
Unity may also help when it comes to livelihoods and financially supporting families. You see, together, friends and families can contribute to a better way of life.
But what about unity here in the UK? What kind of difference can it make to the lives of those less fortunate?
Again, it’s all about support. Our campaigns are designed to give individuals what they need to not only survive, but live knowing there is a brighter tomorrow. As a charity, we have achieved so much, including providing shelter and education, throughout the years, but we still need your help to continue doing so.
Whether you sponsor a child or donate your time to helping our office in the UK while our team work on the ground in developing countries, do your part for individuals less fortunate today, with Muslim Aid.

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