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Everest Expedition carries Muslim Aid Flag

On 24th April 2012, Khobaib Vahedy, Country Director of Muslim Aid Pakistan ventured on a 16 days trekking expedition to Mount Everest and Kala Patther from Lupla in Nepal. Along with nine other team members, Khobaib carried the flag of Muslim Aid to the world’s highest peak, which he reached on 27th April 2012.

On successful completion of the expedition, Khobaib Vahedy said, “Such challenges make us stronger. They help us learn how to survive when resources are limited. It is essential for those in the charity sector to acclimatise themselves with all conditions and be trained in managing scarce resources, especially during times of disasters and conflicts.”

The expedition consisted of ten members, including Sohaib Vahedy, Khobaib’s 13 year old son, and others from United States, Saudi Arabia and India. Khobaib Vahedy had climbed Mount K2 in 2010 to raise funds for Muslim Aid Pakistan for its relief work in the flood affected regions of the country. Commenting on his recent trips, he added, “Through these expeditions, I want to raise awareness about the importance of empowering oneself and others as mentioned in Islam. This is also one of the values that Muslim Aid believes in.”

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