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World renowned artist, Ahmed Bukhatir promotes forthcoming ‘Children Night of Empowerment’ tour

Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Mr Tanzeem Wasti, spoke of Muslim Aid’s long term plans to help disadvantaged children and to keep the welfare of children high on the international agenda.   

Inspired by the work of Muslim Aid and moved by the appalling statistics of global child poverty, Ahmed Bukhatir said: “millions of children are suffering from poverty around the world. These children are victims of violence and famine in an uncertain future. They lack clothes, medical attention and food. Muslim Aid serves humanity. It is a global cause and I would like to be a part of helping promote issues that concern humanity.”

He further added: “The aim of my message is promote peace. Currently, the Middle East is in turmoil, and people are dying including innocent children. We need to be there for them and I ask Allah SWT to give me the power to perform and raise money for these children in order to raise enough funds to help them receive medical supplies, clean water and above all education.”

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